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Purfect™ Cat Track Toy
Purfect™ Cat Track Toy
Purfect™ Cat Track Toy

Purfect™ Cat Track Toy

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We all know how lonely your cats can be at times especially when you are not around. Cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated since they have a natural hunting instinct - and this is the perfect toy to keep them active & healthy.

This toy is specially designed to simulate active prey in a swirling motion - as if they are escaping from the cats, helping to train their hunting instinct to keep them in action. 

The Purfect™ Cat Track Toy is also designed to be compact and durable, helping to withstand even the roughest cats at home. This helps to distract your playful cats from precious furniture at home - saving them from kitty destruction!

Purfect Cat Track Toy 

  • KEEP YOUR CATS HEALTHY: The Purfect™ Cat Track Toy helps to keep your cats active by stimulating their hunting instinct - keeping them fit & healthy.
  • MENTAL & PHYSICAL STIMULATION: It is specially designed to swirl around just as natural prey does - and cats go absolutely crazy for this!
  • PERFECT FOR BOTH SINGLE & GROUP PLAYS: The Purfect™ Cat Track Toy can help to promote independent play or be played in a group as well.

Purfect Cat Track Toy

  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Unlike electrical and mechanical toys, this awesome toy requires less maintenance - helping to save you money in the long run!
  • DURABLE: The Purfect™ Cat Track Toy is designed to withstand even the roughest cats at home - gone are the days of replacing your cat toys every week or two.

Purfect Cat Track Toy

  • SAVES SPACE AT HOME: This toy is built to be compact in size, helping you to save precious space at home.
  • FLEXIBLE: The Purfect™ Cat Track Toy can be dissembled easily to switch around different balls (3 colored balls included for free!) and be taken apart for a thorough wash to keep things clean & safe for your kitty friends.
  • GREAT DISTRACTION: This toy is a perfect distraction for your cats, keeping them away from your furniture at home - saved from kitty destruction!

 Purfect Cat Track Toy

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    Purfect Cat Track Toy


      • Purfect™ Cat Track Toy
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