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ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand
ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

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Introducing ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

Benefits you'll love:

tick Ergonomic Design: Prevent Cervical Pain & Soreness
tick 3 Viewing Angles: Get Comfortable in Every Position
tick Lightweight and On-The-Go Pillow
tick Compatible with all iPads, Tablets and E-Readers
tick Perfect for All Ages and Family Members


Is your neck aching after reading on your Kindle? Do you feel soreness in your lower back after watching Netflix on your phone the entire night?

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

Eliminate all these PAIN with ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand! Designed by our optical engineers, ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand provides 3 different optically superior viewing angles to support your neck and back, no matter what position you're in. Say goodbye to neck and back pains with ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand!

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand is not your usual flimpsy pillow. It is a functional stand that supports your device in the best position for your viewing. It is so comfortable, you'll want to have this by your bedside every night! 

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

Compatible with all kinds of Tablets and Smartphones, you'll want to have a few lying around in your house and in your car for all of your family members. Here's more reasons why you'll love your ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand!

Optimal Viewing Angles

Get comfortable, then let ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand do the work of holding your tablet or book at the best angle for you. Rotate ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand for 3 distinct viewing angles for every reading position.

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

Feel free to sit upright, lie flat on your bed or sideways. There's always the perfect angle for supporting your device on our Pillow Stand. Gone are the days where you'll get a neck pain after reading on your Kindle for too long, or have aching arms for holding your iPad while watching Netflix.

Soft, Sturdy & Lightweight

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand is made of Grade A lightweight foam with an ultra-suede cover. It is definitely sturdy enough to support any device or book you put on it. The plush exterior is extra soft and unzips for easy cleaning (machine washable).

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

Weighing only 458g, you'll want to bring ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand on your vacations so that you can watch movies or read books during your long road trips. 

Compatible with All Devices

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand is compatible with all Tablets, E-Readers, Smartphones, and reading materials. All iPad models, Samsung Galaxy tablets, Kindle, Google Nexus, kids tablets, books and more. You get the idea, our Pillow Stand supports all devices that you have at home!

Perfect Gift for All Families

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand is a year round tablet accessory gift for iPad, e-reader, tablet, and book lovers. On the couch, in the kitchen with a cookbook, reading in bed, doing homework in the car, ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand is terrific for readers of all ages.

ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand


Colors: Simple Black, Bold Gray, Wine Red
Dimensions: 23 x 29 x 23cm
Weight: 458g
Material: Suede Cover, Interior Grade A Foam

What's in the box?

1 x ComfyGears™ Pillow Stand

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