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ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers
ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers


ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers

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This is a need for this cold winter season. Prevents accidental falls and injuries for my entire family!

- Kenneth Gray

Have been wearing these when I go out to work and then take them off when I'm indoors. I have not slipped on ice once before after using this Anti Slid.

- Grace Nicholas

Benefits you'll love:

Tick Get a Grip on All Ice & Snow Surfaces
Tick Walk with Confidence - Prevents Falls on Slippery Ice
Tick Super Lightweight - Easy to Slip-On & Keep
Tick Fits Adult & Children Shoe Sizes
Tick ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Not Sold In Retail Stores

Safety is Our Priority

More than 25,000 falling accidents occur in the US daily during winter seasons. Wearing our usual shoes out of home is completely UNSAFE for us!

If you're going out to work, taking your kids to school or just walking your dog, wearing ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers can take all your worries away. ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers ensures that you and your kids will be able to WALK and RUN safely on all snow surfaces.

How does ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers work?

All of ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers come with 10 ground-grip steel studs that offer excellent traction. This prevents you from sliding on ice and hurting yourself. Especially for your kids who like to play in the snow, this will definitely help to keep them safe from falling. No worries, we've got you and your family covered!

A plus side is that the steel studs are rustproof. A pair of Ice Grippers can last you through at least a few winters.

Wearing Your Ice Grippers

ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers are made of strong elastic silicone so that you can stretch them to your shoe size. Once you've stretched it out, simply fit it to the bottom of your shoes and you're good to go!

They are easy enough to put on whenever you need them. And even easier to take off once you're back indoors. It's so lightweight and convenient that you probably won't notice it after wearing it for a few days.

It takes just 1 simple step to get a peace of mind for this winter. Stay safe, stay healthy with ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers everyone!

How to use:

  1. Once you've received your package from ComfyGears, unwrap your Ice Grippers and place it under your shoe.
  2. Hook on the flexible ends of your Ice Grippers to the front of your shoes and then the back of your shoes. It should fit comfortably.
  3. Once you've reached indoors, take off your Ice Grippers and wipe it dry with a tissue and you can keep it.
  4. Store it away from direct sunlight and stay safe!


Material: Steel Studs, Silicone
Suitable for All Types of Shoes & Boots, Not for Heels
Size: S, M or L

Size cm US Size UK Size EU Size
S 18 x 11 1-4 0-3 30-35
M 20 x 12.5 4-8 3-6 35-39
L 21 x 13.5 8-12+ 6-10+ 39-43+

What's in the box?

1x ComfyGears™ Ice Grippers (1 Pair)
1x Protective Package Layering

Shipping & Guarantee

We are proud to offer reliable insured worldwide shipping (7-16 business days) straight to your doorstep.

Every package comes with its own unique tracking number to ensure accountability.

On top of PayPal's Buyer Protection policy, we have included a full 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.