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ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer
ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

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Benefits you'll love:

Tick Never Lose Your Stuff Again
Tick Easily Transferable to Another Bag
Tick Compartments for Everything!
Tick Multiple Sizes = You'll Find One That Fits Your Bag
Tick Retains the Shape of Your Bag

Getting your house keys out of your bag in 2 seconds may just be a matter of life-or-death situation. Don't fall prey to stalkers who are lurking outside our homes. We don't leave our lives in the hands of our messy bags, we take charge to keep them organized.

Every girl has got a 'Doraemon' handbag. A makeup pouch, water bottle, Mac Book, some excess receipts and essentials like your wallet and keys. You name it, we have it in our handbags! But sometimes, we are carrying so many things, that we can't find the right thing that we need in the nick of time.

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer is designed to help you get anything you need from your bag in 1 second. Stay safe, stay classy with ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer! Read on to find out more reasons why you'll need this for yourself and for your sisters out there! 

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

Categorize EVERYTHING to Your Liking

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer comes in 11 different pockets. A compartment specifically to fit your laptop or files in, and the rest of the pockets to fill in everything else you carry on a daily basis. You'll no longer have to worry digging through your entire bag to find your car keys or your favorite comb. 

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

A tip would be to classify your most important items in the center 3 pockets so that you can take them out as and when you need them. Our customers have left reviews saying that this has significantly reduced the time taken for them to find important items in their bags.

Premium Felt Material

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer is made from a soft but sturdy felt material, which helps to give your bag a nice shape on the outside. Another benefit is that ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer helps prevent the things in your bag from poking or scratching the inside of your bag. Sounds really good to use it in your Prada and LV bag! 

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

Reusable on All Your Bags

Planning to use another bag for your date tonight? Simply lift ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer by the sides out of handbag #1 and place it in handbag #2.

A girl can't have too many handbags and not bring them out to impress your boy!

ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

How to use:

  1. Open up ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer and fit it into your handbag.
  2. The center 3 pockets can be attached using the velcro at the sides. Decide if you'll like to use the attachable center 3 pockets to our organizer. It will be useful to use it to fill your important items but if you're carrying big and bulky items, you can choose to skip this step.
  3. Fill in everything you'll like to bring in your handbag.
  4. There is 1 Large Exterior Side Pocket to fit in your laptop or files and 3 Medium Exterior Side Pockets to fill in medium-sized items such as your water bottle. 


Material: Premium Felt Cloth
Color: Bold Grey, Wine Red, Cream Beige
Small: 26x13x16cm (LxWxH)
Medium: 30x17x21cm (LxWxH)

What's in the box?

1x ComfyGears™ Handbag Organizer

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