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ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
ComfyGears™ DodoTrain

ComfyGears™ DodoTrain

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The best present I got for my daughter for Christmas! Keeps her occupied for hours everyday and she never gets bored of it!

- Kelly Miller

Definitely a fun game that is enjoyed by both children and adults! This is the go-to game for my family bonding!

- Alicia Hildebrand

Benefits you'll love

Tick 10x More FUN than Dominoes!
Tick Develops Imagination & Creativity
Tick Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Tick ComfyGears Online Exclusive

Choo-choo your way into FUN!

These brightly colored dominoes will keep your kids occupied for HOURS!

Fill the cartridge with domino pieces and start the DodoTrain to lay your domino trail.

Set the path by turning the yellow knob on top, while the engine plays lively music as it set the dominoes.

As if by magic, all the dominos are placed on end and perfectly spaced.

You know how dominoes work. Knock them down!

It's so simple and fun that your toddlers will be wanting to play with the DodoTrain all day!

More Than Just a Train

A motorized train that works like magic, ComfyGears™ DodoTrain sets dominoes up automatically as it chugs across the floor.

Each piece is placed equally apart from each other and it takes less than a minute to get your dominoes set up.

No more worrying about knocking over a piece accidentally and having to restart from scratch!

Develops Imagination & Tactile Skills

ComfyGears™ DodoTrain comes with at least 60 pieces of dominoes. With so many dominoes, your child can make the coolest domino creations ever imagined.

Spiraling domino, zig-zag patterns and even form words using our DodoTrain! Choose our DodoTrain Set with lots of domino pieces to create the longest chain reaction.

What's more? It trains your child's tactile and spatial skills and also helps in their hand-eye coordination.

Developing your child's tactile skills is important, as it is essential for their intellectual growth.

Children that are exposed to tactile learning when they are young, have better learning development.

ComfyGears™ DodoTrain is the perfect toy that is both FUN and EDUCATIONAL.

Perfect for Family Time

The best gift for your child is company and fun. Set aside some family time to bond with your kids with ComfyGears™ DodoTrain.

Our DodoTrain is bound to bring waves of laughter to your family. You'll be having so much fun that you won't notice how much time has passed!

How to use:

  1. Put in 2 'AA' Batteries into the bottom of DodoTrain.
    Note Note: The 2 'AA' Batteries are not included, but here's good news! Since you have read all the way till here, the batteries are on us! Use this code: SAVE3 when you checkout to enjoy a $3 USD discount.
  2. Place the domino pieces into the cartridge and insert the cartridge into the train. The opening of the cartridge should be facing down so that the domino pieces can fall through the train and onto the ground.
  3. Control the direction of the train by turning on the yellow knob on DodoTrain.
  4. Turn on the switch to start the train. Chu-Chu! Have fun playing with your very own ComfyGears™ DodoTrain!


Material: Plastic
Color: Red / Transparent
Power: 2 "AA" batteries (Not Included)
DodoTrain Size: 15.5 x 7 x 10.6cm

What's in the box?

1x ComfyGears™ DodoTrain
1x Cactus
1x Cartridge
1x Set of Dominoes

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