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Calling all garden lovers! If there's a way for you to grow more of your favorite fruit tree, would you want it? Be it Granny Smith Apples or Queen Peaches, you can have it all in your very own home with ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter! 

ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter is an All-In-One Gardening Tool, so you can prune, trim and graft with just 1 tool! It's every gardener's dream come true! You'll be wanting to stay in your garden all day long to graft your fruit trees. It's just so fruit-filling!

Compared to supermarkets with their early-picked, chemical-sprayed offerings. Homegrown fruit gives you amazing depth of flavor. This is why our garden lovers find it rewarding to use ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter to grow their own fruits and trees instead. Do read on to find out what our garden lovers have to say!

Comparing Eden Grafter with Traditional Grafting

It is hard to use traditional grafting method for tree graftings. It is even more saddening to find out that after grafting 20-30 of the same bud, you're only getting 3-5 successful yields.

Whereas grafting with our Eden Grafter creates perfect, clean cuts every time. This makes it 93% more likely that your grafts will be successful.

Growing a fruit tree is a long-term investment in time and money. Using ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter can grow more of your favorite fruits, and more importantly, your passion for gardening! Here's everything you'll need to know to start using our Eden Grafter.

What is Grafting?

A simple explanation is to take a part of one tree (in this case a bud from the parent tree) and insert it into the body (tree trunk) of another tree (that we call rootstock). Nature does the rest. This will give you a fruit tree that produces fruit identical to its parent tree. 

Why Should You Graft?

Every seed, even from the same apple, will produce a different tree. Grafting then becomes important as it allows us to reproduce an exact replica of superior individual plants.

Also, grafted fruit trees will bloom and produce sooner than those propagated by seeds. Hence, you'll be able to grow your model garden and replicate them readily.

Gardening is a rewarding hobby; by grafting, you'll be able to create your garden the way you want it - readily and beautifully.

How We Made Eden Grafter?

The practice of grafting is not new at all. It can be traced back to 4000 years to ancient China. Our mission is based on 2 School Of Thoughts. We make sure that your grafting process is SIMPLE and yet, almost 100% SUCCESSFUL every time.

How to Use?

Step 1: Start off by Pruning

To start off your grafting process, you'll need to use the Pruning Blade on ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter. It is essential as the first step to cut away unwanted leaves, twigs, and stems. The best part is that you'll be able to prepare your plants to be grafted without even changing the tool.

Step 2: Choosing Between 3 Cuts

Now, switch over to the Grafting Blade on Eden Grafter. Choose between 3 different kinds of cut, Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut. All these cuts are easy to match and allows rapid healing after grafted on.
Tip: Most of our Professional Gardeners love using the U-Cut as it is universal for all plants and the most beginner-friendly. 

Step 3: Make a Cut in Your Parent Tree and Rootstock

Hold your Eden Grafter in one hand and the parent tree in your other hand.
Make a cut in the parent tree by squeezing the handles of Eden Grafter. The Grafting Blade on our Eden Grafter can easily cut through stock up to 1.4 cm in diameter.

Repeat this step and make a cut in the Rootstock using the same Grafting Blade.

Step 4: Fitting the Parent Tree to the Rootstock

Slide the Parent Tree into the grove you made on the Rootstock. Match the cut surfaces as closely as possible. There will be a snug fit if you've used the same Grafting Blade to form a tight bond. The clean-cut and snug fit increases the likelihood of the graft 'taking'.

Step 5: Secure the Bond with Tape

Secure the bond between the Parent Tree and Rootstock with a tape. This prevents bacteria from infecting the graft and to ensure that there is sufficient moisture within the bond.

And you're done! Replicate as many grafts as you like with ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter. All beginners would love our Easy Grafter as it makes grafting so easy.

For Professionals, this is the perfect gardening tool to grow many of your precious fruit trees. Fruits trees like Sweet Cherry Trees and Pear Trees take at least 5 years to grow and bear fruits. With Eden Grafter, it will take you less than 8 months to watch them bear fruits!

More Features You'll Love

ComfyGears™ Eden Grafter comes with an orange security lock and a high-quality spring. This gives it good elasticity and durability. You can use our Eden Grafter for more than 1000 cuts. The handles of our Eden Grafter are non-slip, ensuring that you can apply the appropriate toughness for each cut.

The secret to creating your very own 'Garden of Eden' is now just a click away!


Materials: Carbon Steel, ABS, and Aluminum
Color: Black
Pruning blades: 3mm thick
Size: 21.5 x 10 cm

ComfyGears™ Easy Tree Grafting

What's in the box?

1x ComfyGears™ Easy Tree Grafting
1x ComfyGears™ Black Bag
1x Screwdriver with Red Handle
2x Additional Blades

Here's Some of Our Testimonials

 WOW. I can not express how satisfied I am with Eden Grafter. I am thoroughly impressed with how easy it is graft my shrubs. If you love gardening....seriously, look no more, this is it!!! I wish I had this years ago.

- Miller Edwards


 These are heavy duty, work great for trimming my trees. I like that they are able to trim the branches and then graft immediately. Definitely a tool I'm glad to have so I don't have to get out the hedge trimmers every time.

- Emma Wakins