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Get Stronger Orgasms (as if you're 21 again!) And Revitalize Your Sex Life With This One Simple Exercise!

Monday, 5th August 2019 | By Jean Anderson

It was my 38th birthday. I sent my kids off to my folks so that me and my hubby could have the house to ourselves, wink wink. I'm a mum of two, so naturally, getting time to ourselves has been next to impossible. We've been secretly yearning for a whole night with just us, and it's finally here!


Scented candles, dim lighting, and whatever I could fit in that's still sexy in my wardrobe. I honestly couldn't wait a second longer for my husband to chalk me up with mind-blowing sex.

Except, it wasn't nearly as great as I pictured in my head.

You see, it's not that it was BAD or anything near. How do I put it? There used to be the fiery vigor, the NEED for a second round, and even the raw unadulterated lust that said "fuck it, who cares about dirty sheets!" But now, we were so careful to not dirty the bed or the floor. Am I getting old!?!?

messy bedroom

The paranoid side of me thought, was my husband cheating? That explains the vigor, but I trust him with all my heart. No, stop being paranoid.

Obviously, I took to the internet for research. Being a curious one, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I ain't accepting cobwebs on my thighs at 38! 

Was I sick then? Or is it just the inevitable results of having 2 kids? 

Well, the internet did help a bit. I posed to my husband the idea of spicing up our sex life, and with the aid of Google here and there, it helped. For a bit.

banana girl

It was nowhere near sustainable. Unless you're willing to go down to the rabbit hole of sex dungeons and orgies, which personally is out of my comfort zone, you're out of luck with the internet's fantasies.

We went to a couple's therapy session too. It was good, the sex was getting better, and most importantly, all our effort was starting to show. Once again, I can't put it into words, but the sex still felt... incomplete. It's almost like missing a piece of a jigsaw. If you step back and look, it still does look exactly the same. But if you really look closely, you'll realize you're missing the magic ingredient. 

Of course, if you're reading this, and you've glanced at the title, you know what was the missing ingredient. But I didn't know at all! My orgasm wasn't particularly weak or unsatisfying. It just wasn't strong. 

Imagine a kid who never tasted candy before. Why would they crave it at all?

Kid craving Candy

It all changed overnight.

I Discovered The Kegel Queen, The Natural Way To Achieve Toe Curling Orgasms.

My gym buddy, Sasha, is my life saviour. She's the type of vegan gal that's into all sorts of home remedy. Got a nasty flu? Feeling lethargic? She's got a brew for you. 

Home remedy

She introduced to me the Pelvic Exerciser and told me it did wonders for her sex life. Her libido not only came roaring back, it practically saved her from a "so-so" marriage. 

Of course I was skeptical, but honestly, what could I lose? Her instructions was simply, put it between your thighs and squeeze it. 5 minutes a day, twice a day. Just nice for a quick YouTube video.

Kegel Queen showcase

The Science Behind The Magic Tool.

Sasha gave me a challenge. Abstain from sex for a week, while using the pelvic exerciser everyday. 

I took her up for it and holy shit was it worth it. Okay, the sexless week played a small part in building up the orgasm. But my goodness I can not put into words what I felt during the climax of the week-long buildup. 

I was essentially quivering on the bed for who knows how long. I swear I enjoyed pure unadulterated bliss in the form of utmost purity. FOR AT LEAST THREE GODDAMN MINUTES. 

mushroom cloud

The day after (I basically could not have any cognitive function later that night due to the literal mind-blowing moment), I heavily questioned what the heck was all my orgasms prior to that moment. I suddenly craved sex, just like I was 21 again (yay!).

At this point, I took the Kegel Queen SERIOUSLY. It made sure I use it everyday and even went on to find out why it worked so bloody well. 

Apparently, by squeezing your thighs against each other with it, it strengthens your pussy muscles (for the lack of the better word). It builds more muscles, with more blood vessels in it, creating more nerve endings. This allows you to essentially FEEL more during the orgasm.

Kegel Queen showcase 2

Secondly, you got the strength to HOLD off the orgasm. The longer you hold off the orgasm, the more you build it up. Compare a boiling kettle to the erupting volcano. Which would you rather be your orgasm? Mine was the biggest volcano that ever erupted on the face of the earth. 

I never expected this benefit, but a stronger grip in your muscle made a huge difference to my hubby. He said it was wetter (yum), tighter, and it felt way better for him. He stressed that it wasn't loose or anything before, but this just felt amazing. Hearing that, guess what we did afterwards (wink wink wink). 

We consummated like rabbits. It was like we JUST started an absolutely NEW sexual relationship. Man that was insanely fun. 

Happy Banana Meme

I'm not even paid or sponsored to do this, but I seriously RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT WITH MY LIFE. 

It is a MUST-HAVE in any marriage. I got my first Kegel Queen at 50 USD, but I'm stoked to say they brought the price down even lower to 35 USD (A whole 42% cheaper than usual!!!!!).

I even bought three more just in case it breaks (I was lucky and got the set of 3 package, which saved me even more money!). Just saying, but the "Set of 3" is the most value for money deals out there on the net. I know, I checked!! My first one has been with me for 4 months, coming 5, and literally showed zero wear-and-tear. 

It's apparently made of military-grade stainless steel, with pro-grade PVC. It basically translates to a metal spring that'll never lose it's elasticity, and a rugged exterior that'll NEVER spoil. Sweat on it, throw it around, it's built like a tank. 

I've contacted the original creators of this amazing product and they were kind enough to gave me a special limited offer if you're reading this.

Check Availability

**UPDATE** The original creators of the Kegel Queen has informed me that it's running dangerously out of stock!!! I've ordered another dozen because I'm paranoid I'll never find them again, so you better act fast.